The Value of a Mastermind Group

Have you struggled with growing your business? Are you challenged about how to get to the next level? After founding several companies, I have found that the best way to grow a business has been with the help of a mastermind group.  That is why I formed the Founder Mastermind. The goal is to help people get to the next level of growth through the expertise and wisdom of their peers.

With the groups I have had in the past, I’ve found that most business leaders faced similar challenges. The diverse perspectives from the group enabled the members to gain insight on how to best resolve their issues.   Some of the most common challenges business owners face are:

Lonely at the top syndrome

Have you made decisions you regretted because there was nobody to challenge your decisions or give you a reality check?  The mastermind will help you get immediate feedback to your questions from your peers, with creative solutions to challenges in your business.

Growing into uncharted territory

Benefit from the experience of others.  The group will share new ideas that you may never have thought of to improve what you’re doing.

Stagnant Revenue

Brainstorm with peers in non-competing industries to gain insight on how to capitalize on new opportunities.

Uncertainty about critical business issues

You’ll have a personal advisory board helping you to step back and see how things really are, or give you suggestions on how it could be approached in a different manner.


Share your goals with a group each month whose main purpose is to help you achieve success. Imagine how much more you would accomplish because of the positive peer pressure.


Once a month you meet with other successful leaders from diverse, non-competing industries to brainstorm in a confidential problem solving meeting with up to 12 business owners. These are 2 hour face to face meetings with a presentation or exercise on any business topic requested by the group. There is one seat for each business. 

Contact: for questions, dates & times or 858-480-6930


Mastermind Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Mastermind group?

A mastermind is a group of business leaders who help each other grow by tapping into the collective wisdom and experience of their peers. They meet regularly to navigate through challenges, capitalize on opportunities and tackle problems together.

What is a Masterminding?

Masterminding is a unique opportunity for business owners to brainstorm and help each other grow their business. It is like having a personal advisory board where you get immediate feedback to your questions with creative solutions to challenges in your business.

Who was this group designed for?

This mastermind group is for a principal of a small or mid-size company. This includes CEOs, Partners, Directors and other successful business leaders. The focus is to provide solutions to issues that challenge business owners and help each other get to the next level of growth.

How often does the Mastermind group meet?

They meet monthly for two hours to navigate through challenges, capitalize on opportunities and tackle problems together. This is a face to face meeting at various locations in San Diego.

How many are there in the group?

There are up to twelve members in the mastermind as the goal is to keep the group small and engaged.

Are there any costs involved?

There is a monthly membership fee which varies based on the package of services you choose. There is an option for individual consulting at a discounted fee. This structure was designed so that financial and time constraints would not be an obstacle for a small growing business.

Are there qualifications for membership?

 Yes. You need to be a principal of an existing business in a non-competing industry from other group members. You need to be committed to following through on the action items that you state are important for the growth of your company. Sufficient business acumen and experience needs to be displayed in order to effectively participate in group discussions. There is a mix of men, women, seasoned and less experienced business leaders, creative and analytical thought leaders to create the right chemistry and a diversity of perspectives. There is a no charge intake consultation to see if you would be a good fit for the group and give you a basis to determine if there is sufficient ROI for you to participate.

How do I get started?

Go to and see if you qualify.

How do I get my specific question answered?

 You can speak directly to the Founder Harry Hyam. Simply send an email to

or call 858-480-6930 to request a phone consultation.