About Harry Hyam

Harry has founded four successful corporations since 1983 and been active in all phases of business management from start-up through mergers and acquisitions. As an entrepreneur, investor and business consultant for more than 30 years, his business experience extends to multiple industries.

This multifaceted operations management background gives him the ability to quickly identify profit leaks and areas needing improvement that will lead to increased profitability. His extensive entrepreneurial and consulting background enables him to work with clients to ignite the passion and clarify their vision for the company which gives them the determination and persistence to achieve their desired results.

Harry has helped companies get to the next level by identifying the causes of corporate inefficiencies such as:

  • Inefficient management
  • Poor organizational systems
  • Ineffective employee supervision and incentives
  • Dysfunctional operational flow
  • Inconsistent practices and procedures
  • Lack of effective financial controls
  • Insufficient delegation and monitoring
  • Inadequate evaluation of performance metrics
  • Poor time management causing the business owners to work primarily in the business instead of on the business

This approach resulted in:

  • Transforming six months of a client’s flat software sales to explosive growth
  • Increasing a client’s business to business  revenue 50% within 12 months by implementing financial management, organizational restructuring, and capitalizing on a new income stream
  • Turning two years of losses into profit for a retail client within 90 days by creating financial controls, an inventory control system, and employee training
  • Eliminating the instability of the client’s seasonal income reductions and creating 25% steady growth by identifying new revenue streams and implementing effective marketing campaigns

HIS FAVORITE ACCOMPLISHMENT– reducing his workload from 60 hours/week to 4 hours/week as CEO of a 75 employee corporation while continuing to increase annual profit. This event back in the mid-nineties created an increasing demand which led to his career in business consulting.

Now Harry’s focus is on helping business owners accomplish their goals faster, while working less hours and leading a more balanced life.


Subject Matter Expertise


Professional Experience

  • Chair, Executive Leadership Coach
  • CEO and Co-Founder
  • Business Management Consultant and Executive Coach
  • Founder and COO, Business Development
  • Managing Partner – CFO


B.S. in Engineering, McGill University

Specialty in Civil Engineering